I am private pay only, which means I am not beholden to insurance companies to give a diagnosis, limit how many treatments can be paid for, or be dictated to as to which therapies are suitable methods of treatment. I take client care very seriously and my professional ethics do not align with insurance companies, who require a formal mental health diagnosis to cover what amounts to very limited services. While I do believe that an accurate mental health diagnosis can be crucial to understanding and coping with a true mental illness, handing out "trash can" diagnoses to be covered by insurance is unethical and can have far reaching negative repercussions. A diagnosis of mental illness remains on your medical record forever. Victims and people who reach out for support counseling services have real, legitimate, and normal feelings about and reactions to life events. People should feel free to make their own decisions about their care, explore their emotions and create goals at their own pace, and utilize the methods that resonate for them... without being pathologized. As a private pay client, you are responsible for your own path to wellness and are empowered to make the decisions that are right for you.

Why I don't take insurance