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Counseling for people who feel connected to Nature

Do you feel the disconnection in our society? Do you imagine a life with meaning beyond consumerism and "the rat race?" Do you drive by a place that you once held as safe, beautiful, or sacred and grieve that it has been destroyed by urban sprawl? With the constant barrage of media informing us about mass extinctions, climate change, and the continuous threat of catastrophe, it is a wonder any of us can get out of bed in the morning. There is only so much eco-grief we can deal with until we shut down.

Unfortunately, shutting down prevents us from finding and strengthening true connections with others and making positive changes in our own lives. Integrating Ecotherapy into therapy sessions affirms our interconnectedness during the healing process. Explore and strengthen your connections to nature, to others, and re-connect with yourself. Create resilience and find your most authentic way of being. All humans share a history in which our ancestors were connected to Spirit and held their natural environment as sacred. Although Western culture has forgotten this, we can remember our sacred and authentic connection to the natural world.

Ecotherapy is rooted in climate and social justice. It is an empowering approach to address: eco-grief and eco-depression, burnout from activism, addressing social justice issues that are related to a minoritized or oppressed identity you may hold, or decolonizing work to address privilege and colonization.

There are many ways in which the natural world can be a catalyst for change; the possibilities for supporting your healing process are endless and unique to every person.