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I am passionate about supporting victims of domestic violence, particularly survivors of narcissistic and psychopathic abuse. If you have felt diminished by your partner, felt that "getting along" involves concessions that affect your integrity, that a kind act given by your partner comes with "strings attached," or asserting personal needs are difficult and strategized because there may be retribution, you may be in a psychologically abusive relationship. I have extensive education and experience working with domestic violence and sexual assault clients in individual and group therapy settings, as well as experience as a Confidential Victim’s Advocate in the state of Colorado. I can walk through the journey of healing with you at your pace. With this in mind, I offer a sliding scale for payment and discounted rates for victims with financial difficulties. I understand that when you are transitioning out of, or have recently left a domestic violence relationship, therapy costs are difficult to manage... just when you may need support the most. I provide compassionate, non-judgmental, and comprehensive care to victims.